Aluminum alloy foldable poles designed to hold up to rigorous use. The Sonic Alu poles are ideal for hiking, mountaineering, and trail running. The ergonomic handle with adjustable leash guarantees comfort with gloves or bare hands in all conditions. The inner cord is plastic coated for fluid assembly and disassembly and features a micro-adjustable tensioning system to guarantee a tight assembly with each use. The upper segment features a functional locking system that allows the poles to be adjusted from 115 to 135 cm with ease and locked securely in position.

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• Aluminum alloy foldable trekking poles
• 5 segments with inner cord featuring a micro-adjustable tensioning system
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Fast adjustment from 115 to 135 cm length
• 36 cm length disassembled
• Carbide tips
• Pocket case to pack the poles included

Ref. Product name Weight Length Packed N° of segments Diameter Material Basket diameter
g oz cm in cm in mm in Pole Tip mm in
2390 SONIC ALU 478 16.9 115-135 45.3-53.2 36 14.2 5 16-12 0.63 – 0.47 7075 Aluminum Carbide 35-50-85 1.38 – 1.97 – 3.35